Insomnia is playing dirty tricks on me again this week, and robbing me of any normal sleeping pattern. But its strange how creative I can be when I am staring at the ceiling or alarm clock. Last night, and in fact all week, there has been a particular annoyance that everyone in my household has managed to ignore – the neighbours’ dog.


Just shut the hell up.
This nuisance of a dog, for it is that to me now, has barked and barked and barked most of the early hours of the morning. I do not know how to interpret dog noises, so to me its a disturbance I want to turn away from, and ideally do away with. I know, me an animal lover too. I am pretty sure that I will not like this dog, no matter how cute or cuddly, or how generous with affection it is – its robbed me of something important to me, my sleep. Whatever this animal is saying, and who ever he is intending to communicate with – I care not.

You’re wondering what colour my pyjamas are at this point…
So why am I sharing all of this – the secrets of my bedtime antics? Actually, the focus is on Fido. Would I be upset if he barked during the daytime? Probably not, maybe once or twice. What about if he was my own dog? I’d probably make allowances too, forgiving him because of all of the other redeeming features he has. If he was a mute dog, I wouldn’t have opinions about him either way.

Its Dog-Eat-Dog in the Business world.
When we relentlessly advertise our products and services, it gets tiresome quickly. When the timing is off, its unwelcome. When the communication isn’t understood, too loud, and talks to a different audience, its ignored and rejected. This barking dog is a reminder to make sure all of these things are considered before you go live on the broadcast. Who will welcome your message, when will they need to hear it, and what will you want to say to them?

Save time, money, heartache, and sleepless nights. 
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