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Need a distinct icon which represents your business?

Work with me as I develop a memorable image for your company – a professional, quality timeless design piece. No templates or stock images, this design is created purely for you and your business – no imitations! 

Designing a logo for your business

I work with local businesses who are looking to make their business image distinct and recognisable; Here’s a few of the most commonly asked questions when considering a change of image:

How long will it take to create a logo for my business?

Normally, the entire process takes between 4-6 weeks. During this time scale, you’ll have progress updates and will be asked for feedback on revisions on designs I supply. You wouldn’t want to use a logo that didn’t have brainstorming, considered thought, research, creativity, the use of professional skills and fine tuning for your image – and that’s the bit that takes up this time.

I love my logo, but it’s looking a little tired. Can you update it?

Sometimes an established logo can benefit from an upgrade. This could be colour switches, or a change of font to tie in with other materials. You might want to include some symbols which reflect your business growth, perhaps if you are delivering new products or services.

What if I don’t like the first logo - what happens next?

You’ll be sent more than one option on your first view of the designs; I will be working from the brief we agree on during our consultation, a chance for you to explain your requirements and talk about the sort of thing you are looking for. If the first suggestions aren’t quite right, simply tell me where I am going wrong. I can take that feedback to create more suitable designs, so its better to be honest from the start!

I have some ideas about my logo; can I contribute to the creative process?

Of course! I’d like you to be a part of it – you will be living and breathing your new branding, so it has to be something you are happy with and feels like a good match to your business. I’ve worked with sketches, mock-ups using basic drawing applications, and even emulsion paint colour swatches before now – so anything you have to hand which can explain pictorially what you are looking for, helps me get it right sooner.

I’m torn between a few ideas - would I be able to see them before I decide?

Absolutely. I work in a way that starts off with lots of ideas, including your own, that helps you decide on the elements that will make up your final logo. So you won’t need to know the names of the fonts used, or the colour references, or what kind of framing you’d like just yet. Its helpful to see how these variations work visually, so I will supply these so that you can narrow down the choices you’d like to use.

I want to be able to use my logo to print business cards - will it be suitable?

Yes – in fact, they will work at all sizes without losing definition or quality. I can also help to design stationery templates for your business use. But why stop at a business card? Think ahead… you could be branding your private jet one day! I create logos in ‘stretchy’ form, that uses clever mathematical stuff like angles and equations to make sure its suitable for any format.

What about copyright - who owns the work?

When its in design stage, it’s my work. Once the final logo has been approved and the bill is settled, it belongs to you. I supply the logo in its original form, as well as small screen-suitable graphics that you can quickly use for social media, email etc. All I ask is that I can showcase the work in my own portfolio, as examples help future clients see for themselves the skills I can bring to their business.


You have a great product or service, but do you have a great brand?

A brand is more than just a logo or a slogan. It's the way your customers perceive you, feel about you, and talk about you. A strong brand can help you attract more customers, increase loyalty, and build trust. But how do you create a brand that stands out from the crowd and resonates with your target audience? That's where I come in.

I'm a branding expert who can help you craft a unique and compelling brand identity for your small business. I'll work with you to understand your vision, values, and goals, and then design a branding strategy that suits your needs and budget. Whether you need a new logo, a catchy tagline, a website makeover, or a social media campaign, I can help you create a consistent and memorable brand experience for your customers.

Don't let your small business get lost in the fog. Let me help you make some noise with your brand!


Logo design

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What is meant by Branding?

Branding is the way you present your business to the world. It includes your name, logo, colors, fonts, and other visual elements that make your business stand out. Branding is important for design and reputation because it helps you create a consistent and memorable identity for your customers. Branding can also help you communicate your values, mission, and personality to your audience.



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