This morning, I helped to run another workshop on building resilience in our businesses. Rather than focusing on getting orders out of the door, and purely working within our businesses, these workshops are encouraging self employed women to come together, get a fresh perspective on themselves and their place in their business, and support each other’s growth in the group. They can clearly see what’s going on, what’s next and where they’re heading – and if that’s not matching up to their expectations, its time to change tack.

Talk about what you love and know, right?
My involvement in the sessions is marketing-focused.  I’m getting more comfortable with the whole idea of public speaking, and whilst I’m not a seasoned pro by any stretch, I am enjoying the process and some new-found confidence.

Who’s going to take you where you need to be?
The main issue I see again and again during my consultations with small businesses, is that the people they perceive to be their ‘ideal customer’ really isn’t the one they need. Sometimes they are aware of the idea of focusing in on one type of client, but that may also be the one who is most detrimental to their future business. Making long term plans helps business owners decide on what they need to do here and now.

I have a series of exercises, a cycle of events almost – that can be repeated throughout the lifespan of any business. In fact, its one I apply to my own when I feel I am missing the mark somewhere. These processes are tried and tested, and have been matched up with some mindset techniques and practices, to form our ‘Endurance Toolkit’.

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