It can be a journey of highs and lows running your own business. Becoming more resilient to changes in income, turnover, industry, and competition doesn’t come easy, but can be built upon if you set aside time to do just that. Time not earning, but learning – how about that for a catchphrase?!

I am beyond the start-up stage in my business, and now several years into what has been a rollercoaster ride of exciting highs and desperate lows. It leaves many of my peers wondering why the hell I bother – But I can’t simply walk away from a passion that has been with me since Forever!

Recently I began working with a Business and Self-Development coach, Hayley Wheeler of Just the Beginning. I’ve worked alongside Hayley for nearly a year on other projects including her own marketing – but never really ‘got’ the Life Coach thing – what on earth would I need that for? I’m not so low I need someone to tell me I’m fabulous daily…  At the same time, I was going through some difficult times in my personal life, and so understandably my business took a hit too. If I had a big enough rock, I think I would have buried underneath it, never to be seen again.

Time to throw in the towel? Perhaps. Try something else – or go back to the 9-to-5, SSDD. Or as Hayley pointed out, I could work on what was going on, what was going wrong, and see how I could fix myself. Instead of the hippy-dippy exercises I had imagined, it was more about taking time to look objectively – like holding up a mirror on the bits of yourself you don’t want to look at, or take for granted. Or being woken up from a deep sleep and seeing fresh perspectives, and experiencing it all anew.

As a result, I am working on different aspects of my life to improve my business life. Sound crazy? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a tired, stressed-out and unhappy worker isn’t the best image to be projecting for a supposedly successful business. My own weaknesses – managing stress, well-being and health – is under more scrutiny these days, so I can spot the times when its all heading downhill and stop it in its tracks.

So whilst you still won’t get me sticking up motivational posters or chanting affirmations into a mirror, I have now seen the worth to my business – as well as my personal life – that this kind of self development brings.  Its brought a flurry of activity, creativity (important for my line of work!) and a renewed confidence that I can actually do this sh*t.

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