Introducing the Endurance Toolkit – –
This toolkit grew from consultations between myself and Hayley Wheeler, Just the Beginning Business and Life coaching. We discovered that our services support businesses at whatever stage in their development, often dealing with repeated behaviours or negative patterns, bad habits. Mine from a Marketing perspective – ideal client, effective communication, branding and feedback. Hayley’s from a Mindset angle – confidence, self esteem, spotting and eradicating emotional blocks and hurdles, and self-development.

This Adventure that we call our Business
We liken it to a journey because there is a progression -there are stages, there are even shortcuts and detours along the way. Workshops always make me think of car repairs – so it naturally lead to the branding being transport-led, and fitted nicely with our structure. It also means we can drop in lots of puns about being revved up, needing re-fuelling, and other only-witty-to-us comments.

Motivated to get stuff done!
Working together, we’ve outlined six sessions which we will be sharing with business women to form a support group. Each monthly session deals with a particular hurdle or duty to our business, using a combination of worksheets and exercises to drive the message home. Businesses emerge from the sessions changed, driven,and energised. The sessions are:

  • Business MOT
  • Fuelling your business 
  • Gearing up 
  • Full Speed Ahead! 
  • Detours & Short-cuts 
  • Mapping your Future

If this is of interest to you and your business, please get in touch or visit our Facebook page which has a list of events in South Wales: