Business owners – most of you have a website, right?
Course you do – you know how important it is to have a 24/7 online representation of your business that anyone in the World can view. Its one of the most important marketing tools for your Business actually – where else can you not only cover who you are and where you can be found, but what you do and when you do it, and how well people think you do it… you get the picture.


So – for my next question – How old is your website?
This might be a tricky one to answer, because you may be updating your site regularly with new content such as promotions, new product lines, or even a new blog post every now and again. If you are, then top marks. In the same way that kipper ties might have been the essential wardrobe item in the 70s, what worked then might not work now – keep your content relevant, and bang up to date.

Number 3 – What does your website do?
A little of this has already been mentioned, but lets make a good checklist. Rewind back to perhaps the 80s or 90s when the high streets were booming with trade, and window displays were the shop’s best tool in competing with their rival retailers. Thinking a similar way about your website, you can imagine that your website is your ‘shop window’ to your potential customers. How can you attract customers? How can they view your wares?

Question 4 – Is your site easy?
Buyers are lazy. If they have to work their arses off to understand what it is you do and how they can get it – they simply won’t bother. When it comes to your website, consider – How easy will it be to make a purchase? How easily can I portray my value? How many clicks does the user make on my website?

Question 5 – Are you a design criminal?
Some websites are still sporting some ugly features and annoying traits. Whittle them out and get rid. I’m talking about flashing bright colours – leave them for warning signs and traffic lights, they have no place on your site! In fact, limit your colour palette to a select few hues and stick to it throughout – a website that looks like its vomited Starbursts (other fruit chews are available) isn’t clever. Auto-play music is another annoying feature in my book – lose it completely, or pause the video or music until the user decides they’re ready for the noise.

So what are your loves and hates for the online world? Any features you think work well, or considerations I haven’t included? Drop me a line.